Zurich, September 15, 2020 – Tobias Zehnder is in the running for the “Advertiser of the Year” 2020 award. For over ten years, the co-founder and partner at Webrepublic has been shaping the digital and advertising industry in Switzerland. Besides Zehnder, Andrea Bison (thjnk), Martin Walthert (Digitec Galaxus), and Matthias Kies (TBWA\Zurich) are nominated. The award ceremony will take place on October 22.

Who wins the award is decided by the expert jury and the public online voting, each with a 50 percent majority. All subscribers to the Werbewoche newsletter can cast their votes starting on Wednesday, September 16.


“The industry breaks out of old patterns

Co-founder and partner Tobias Zehnder has significantly contributed to the digital transformation of the Swiss marketing industry with the concept “Data Meets Creativity” since the founding of Webrepublic eleven years ago.

Quote Tobias Zehnder, Co-Founder and Partner, Webrepublic

“I see the fact that I am nominated for this award as a 'non-classical' advertiser as a sign of transformation: the industry is breaking out of old patterns with classical and digital advertising and understands that creation, digital, and media, as well as strategy and implementation, must work together.”

Today, the agency is one of the leading agencies in Switzerland and has over 190 specialists. Long-term customer relationships and values such as innovation, passion, and team spirit have been at the heart of Zehnder's corporate philosophy from the very beginning and have significantly contributed to its success. The 38-year-old is responsible for the strategic development of new business areas and the establishment of new cooperations. This includes the cooperation between Webrepublic and Wirz, known as BoB, which was launched at the beginning of this week. Now he has been nominated for the “Advertiser of the Year” award.

Tobias Zehnder: “Webrepublic's success is the achievement of all employees who are committed to digital marketing with passion, talent, and know-how. From day one, we have cultivated a strong team spirit through transparent communication and regular joint events.”


Commitment to the further development of the digital marketing industry


Through his membership on the board of Leading Swiss Agencies, on the advisory board of the Center for Communications at the HWZ, and on the Innovation Council of the University of Zurich, and his lecturing activities at various universities and colleges, he is actively involved in the advancement of the digital marketing industry in Switzerland.