Zurich, June 13, 2022 – RAWR by Webrepublic is the new marketing partner for digital strategy and innovation in the sports and entertainment business. The goal of the newly launched entity, which is part of the leading digital marketing agency Webrepublic, is to bring sponsorship for brands, event organizers and sports organisations into the digital age while engaging fans beyond the confines of live events.

Live events are a hotbed of pure energy: goals, the moment of victory, passion – the roar of adoring fans. RAWR by Webrepublic combines digital expertise with technology and innovation to turn this emotion into added value for brands, event organizers and clubs. Data and innovation are at the heart of Webrepublic, the leading digital marketing agency in Switzerland. By combining the firm’s DNA with extensive knowledge of the sports and entertainment industry, RAWR is perfectly poised to bring sponsorship into the digital age – and put its customers into closer contact with fans. The dedicated team also works closely with broadcasters, marketing platforms and technology partners. 


RAWR takes communication in the sports and entertainment business to all-new heights

Over the past decade, revenue models for live events and the manner in which events are experienced have fundamentally changed. As a result, standardized sponsorship packages are no longer guaranteed to succeed. With sponsorship today being a complex landscape where innovation is the driving factor, packages can be crafted that go well beyond the scope of the live event itself. Digitalization – paired with an international focus – is providing clubs, marketers and sponsors with new options while paving the way for fan-centric approaches and a realignment of strategic objectives. 

RAWR combines all of these aspects to ensure sponsorship and rights management can have maximum impact in the digital age. By combining strategic consulting, creative concepts, performance-driven marketing and data intelligence, RAWR helps its customers grow their businesses and bring them in line with current communication strategy. This new arm of Webrepublic will bridge the gap between fans and sponsorship partners, event organizers and sports clubs, enabling people to tap into the unique emotions associated with live events as though they were there – wherever, whenever.


A passionate team of strategists and marketers

Robert Dorlin, formerly Global Head of Digital at EF Education First, will lead RAWR as its Managing Director. As Head of Growth & Innovation, Alex Riggers, a longstanding strategy consultant at Webrepublic, is the second half of the management team. The RAWR team consists of 20 employees specializing in strategy, sports marketing, digital marketing and technology. It will work with its portfolio of national and international customers from the RAWR headquarters in Zurich as well as from Munich, London and Cape Town. 


Robert Dorlin, Managing Director, and Alex Riggers, Head of Growth & Innovation, are leading RAWR by Webrepublic

Robert Dorlin, Managing Director of RAWR: “Everyone has their own ‘I was there’ moment: when a music idol takes  to the stage or a last minute goal changes everything. At RAWR, we capture exactly these unique emotions and feelings and bring them to life for everyone.” 

Alex Riggers, Head of Growth & Innovation: “We use our expertise to help organizations, athletes and sponsors reach the next level through digital innovation. We’ve had plenty of opportunity to do this at major international events in the past few years.”


When fans and brands celebrate as one

RAWR has already been successful helping various national and international customers expand their strategic focus when it comes to digital sponsorship formats. Since 2018, it has assisted with the strategic planning and implementation of digital measures for FIFA tournaments, including the FIFA World Cup and various FIFA esports competitions. Likewise, RAWR is the go-to partner for ticketing and global planning and activation efforts for all campaigns run by the ten biggest sponsors at the World Cup. In the entertainment industry, RAWR prepared an innovative communication strategy for the 75th anniversary edition of the Locarno Film Festival, a highly prestigious event. The first campaigns are set to get underway in summer 2022.

Tom Hanan, CEO of Webrepublic: “Since Webrepublic was founded in 2009, we have grown year on year and expanded into new and relevant areas of business. Our focus has never wavered: Quality and innovation are our driving factors. RAWR is the next step in our journey. In a sector that is demanding more tailor-made digital and creative solutions than ever before, we will be there to provide them. And with extensive expertise in this field already, we are all set to take sponsorship in sports and entertainment to the next level.”

About RAWR by Webrepublic

Bringing the raw emotion of sport and entertainment to life. For everyone, everywhere. 

RAWR by Webrepublicis the marketing partner for digital strategy and innovation in the sports and entertainment business. The Webrepublic entity is dedicated to helping brands, event organizers and clubs harness the full potential of sponsorship. RAWR combines technology with innovation and performance with passion, generating added value that can be measured across the full spectrum of digital business development.