Zürich, 1 May 2022 – The end of third-party cookies is approaching, and the tension between data privacy and the fundamental promises of digital marketing is rising. With the interactive online course "Data Privacy in Marketing", Webrepublic and Hyper Island assist marketing professionals in the transformation process of digital communication into the post-cookie age and develop solutions for the future with the participants.

Cambridge Analytica, the EU's new General Data Protection Regulation, Apple's Intelligent Tracking Prevention, or iOS14 - the topic of privacy has recently gained attention in public discourse. But since Google announced that it would block third-party cookies in the Chrome browser beginning in 2023, the marketing industry has turned upside down. Two fundamental promises on which digital marketing is based - measurement accuracy and individualized targeting – are being shaken up. A paradigm shift is taking place, focusing on consumers' need for greater transparency. New solutions are in demand.

"The end of third-party cookies is currently one of the most urgent topics in marketing. With this course, we want to actively drive the development of the industry and give participants the tools to reach their target groups with relevant advertising in the future."

Tobias Zehnder

Mitgründer / Partner, Webrepublic AG

Actively driving the development of the industry

Only those who recognize and understand the transformation process can actively shape the future of marketing with targeted measures. That's why Switzerland's leading digital marketing agency, Webrepublic, and the digital creative business school, Hyper Island, are jointly launching the course "Data Privacy in Marketing - Digital Communication in the Post-Cookie Age." Hyper Island's innovative learning approach paired with Webrepublic's most up-to-date real-world expertise provides a unique educational opportunity for marketers across all industries. The course provides an understanding of where limitations, but also opportunities, lie in digital marketing. Working together in peer groups, participants develop hands-on solutions for future-oriented, sustainable marketing that flows directly into their daily work. But it's not just marketers themselves who stand to gain from this course. Anyone who wants to understand digital marketing better and gain a deeper understanding of what happens to data will find what they are looking for in this interactive offering. In the interactive course, participants will take a thorough look at the topic of data protection in marketing and develop individual strategies for targeted marketing of the future that are right for their company. After all, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution in digital communication in the post-cookie age.

"Hyper Island has been an expert for 25 years in providing exciting training opportunities that are highly interactive and suitable for all types of learners. In Webrepublic, we have found an excellent industry expert and partner to raise awareness of data security to a broad audience while outlining a vision for sustainable and future-proof marketing."

Graziella Luggen

Learning Designer und Facilitator, Hyper Island

About Hyper Island

For 25 years, Hyper Island has been developing learning experiences that challenge companies and individuals to thrive and stay competitive in an increasingly digital world. CNN calls Hyper Island, which serves clients such as Google, adidas, and IKEA, the "digital Harvard" and one of the most innovative schools in the world.