Zurich, March 21, 2016 – How can a luxury brand capitalize on a prestigious event like Baselworld to reach target groups beyond those attending the show? How can the brand nurture a relationship with visitors who fall in love with a watch or piece of jewelry at the show? And how can it present the brand in more detail and provide further information on the piece, both during and after the show? By turning the brand into a tangible experience: through a video that showcases the mechanical craftsmanship behind the watch’s movement; or an image that captures each intricate detail of a necklace; perhaps a blog post that reveals how the piece was created. Suddenly, the brand’s history becomes a story.

Social media and search engine marketing

During Baselworld 2016, Chopard (link) will be active on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram and will focus on international search engine marketing. By combining the power of these channels, the luxury brand can present its collection and exclusive products through videos, images and content to potential clients far beyond the fair. The multi-platform, multi-lingual campaigns will be launched worldwide and updated in real-time, enabling Chopard to expand its reach into the digital channels. For this, Chopard sought the digital skills and language expertise of Webrepublic – its partner for three years.

The most important watch and jewelry show

Baselworld is the world's most important watch and jewelry show. More than 150,000 visitors from over 100 countries are expected in 2016, with over 1,500 brands and exhibitors presenting new collections and launching innovations. The past few years have seen a steady increase in search volume surrounding the show, proving that there is interest from beyond the fairgrounds from those looking for digital information. This means a dedicated digital marketing campaign is a key element of success for today's exhibitors.

Lasting partnership

Chopard and Webrepublic have collaborated in digital marketing since 2013. The Zurich-based digital marketing agency supports the luxury brand with services in search engine optimization, international search engine marketing, web analytics, social media marketing and YouTube marketing.


We are proud to have been a trusted partner of Chopard since 2013, supporting them in bringing the excellent craftsmanship, Swiss quality, and creative precision of its watches and jewellery to the digital universe.

Tobias Zehnder

Mitgründer / Partner, Webrepublic AG