Zurich, July 9, 2020 – Webrepublic realizes the online campaign for the launch of frankly, the new pillar 3a app of Zürcher Kantonalbank. The broad-based digital-first project pursues a multi-year strategy; so far, all campaign goals have been met or exceeded. Across all channels, half of the targeted download leads were generated before half of the year.

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Since mid-March, Zürcher Kantonalbank has been advertising its new pension app frankly on various online and offline channels. The goals of the campaign are the brand launch and the generation of frankly app downloads and registrations. The interdisciplinary team of Webrepublic relies on a holistic digital-first project and realizes the complete online presence of the frankly campaign – overall strategy, all performance measures, advertising material production, app tracking, and the optimization of the app store presence. It is especially challenging to coordinate the channel mix along the customer journey with the offline channels on all paid and owned touchpoints and to address the target group at the right moment. 


Every fourth person in Switzerland knows frankly

The interim results after the first campaign peak in the spring are positive: a measurement of brand awareness shows that one out of every four people in Switzerland now know frankly. The advertising measures result in 600,000 microsite visits across all channels. In addition, half of the download leads forecast for the entire year and generated directly by the campaign have already been achieved.

"With Webrepublic, we have chosen one of the leading digital partners in Switzerland for frankly's online campaign and app marketing. Thanks to Webrepublic's professional and highly complex campaign setup, we were able to quickly make the brand known throughout Switzerland. Through efficient performance marketing, the KPIs and the targeted app downloads could be achieved across all digital channels."

Angela Baumann

Leiterin Kampagnen-Management, Zürcher Kantonalbank

Responsible at the Zürcher Kantonalbank:

Nirmala Alther (Market PR), Angela Baumann (Head of Campaign Management), Monica Dreyer Staub (Head of Marketing and Brand Management), Bettina Giménez (Head of App Marketing), Janine Kraft (Senior Performance Marketing Manager), Christian Ohlsen (Senior eCommerce Marketing Manager), Livia Otth (Project Manager, Marketing and Communication), Alexandra Rahm (Performance Marketing), Dominik Streich (Branding), René Weiss (Head of Touchpoint Management & Campaigns), Nadja Wirth (Social Media)

Responsible at Webrepublic

Chris Hanan (Partner); Joël Meier (Director Media); Adrian Wenzl (Director Performance Marketing); Amanda Possa (Project Management); Selina Spannagel and Leslie Frey (Social Media Marketing); Lorin Vögeli and Gary Gantner (Programmatic Advertising); Christoph Voellmy, Courtney Binkert, Petra Jaksic, and Cléo Kingsada (SEA); Kevin Näf and Julian Lehner (SEO); Katja Martinello, Julian Schnaars, and Tendai Bollinger (Design and Production); Boris Meier and Silvan Burnand (Digital Analytics)

Jung von Matt/Limmat supported the Zürcher Kantonalbank with the launch of the app as a strategic and communicative lead agency.