Zurich, December 9, 2021 – Migipedia.ch is a unique community platform where Migros products are evaluated, discussed, and rated. In close collaboration, Webrepublic and Wirz succeed in merging creativity and digital know-how and apply them to the Migipedia campaign. The result: original and appealing advertising media based on current best practices and an exceptionally good performance of the online campaign.

For over ten years, customers have been using the Migipedia digital platform to rate the Migros product range, participate in product development, and test new items. This gives Migros insights into the needs of its customers and benefits from timely feedback on the quality and relevance of its range. The larger the Migipedia community, the more insights Migros gains. 

This is reason enough to attract more users through an online campaign and thus increase engagement on Migipedia. Migros achieved this goal with Wirz and Webrepublic in the collaboration mode BoB – Best of Both. The two agencies worked together in co-creation to merge advertising material, media strategy, and technical implementation right from the start. 

The campaign: Rate favorite products

Wirz and Webrepublic consistently relied on a data-based approach: They evaluated the most popular products of the Migipedia community. Then, users could nominate a "Product of the Year" for each year since the platform's start.

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These selected twelve top articles have been played out in three pushes on different online channels (social media, display, SEA) since October. The request: to rate the  favorite among the favorite products on Migipedia. The algorithm and targeting ensured that each target person was shown the product they were most likely to rate. Between campaign pushes, the close collaboration between the two agencies and the client allowed them to tweak the targeting and optimize the creatives. 

The result: Exceeded goals

The data-driven concept, the creation of the advertising materials consistently according to digital best practices, their flexible adaptation, and the target group-specific playout offered a great added value for the entire campaign and Migros. The goal for Migipedia – over 15,000 additional ratings and an increase in logins by 30 percent by the end of 2021 – was already exceeded in November. In addition, a 25 percent higher login rate was achieved.

Hauptspot der Kampagne Best of Migipedia

Responsible at Migros:

Philipp Bühler (Senior Product Manager Community & Content), Patrick Blum (Project Manager Digital Media), Philippe Stuker (Head of Department Digital Platforms)

Responsible at BoB:

Lorenz Clormann, Artur Faria, Tony de Faria, Luigi Vitiello, Björn Bippus, Guilherme Neder Florian Siegrist, Laura Saner, Hannah Mey, Adrian Huwyler (Creation), Erasmo Palomba, Nadja Kilchhofer, Magdalena Zbiec (Art Buying), Dominik Plüss, Melissa Günthardt (Media), Nico Keramaris, Anina Eugster, Nathalie Reichmuth (Consulting), Giovanni Bucca, Thomas Peller, Yussef Serrat, Désirée Guzzo, Corinne Räber, Angelo Mabellini, Rahel Signer (Media Realization), Karin Gartmann, Oliver Fäs (Image Editing) 

Animation CGI: Flaeck GmbH

Sound: Jingle Jungle AG

Website: Smartive AG