Zurich, October 3, 2023 – Webrepublic addresses the changing needs and increased complexity in the marketing industry with state-of-the-art technologies: With AI-Powered Analytics, the Zurich-based agency launches its own set of tools to increase the scalability of data analysis and thus increase the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Increasingly isolated advertising environments of marketing platforms (walled gardens), the growing importance of first-party data, and rising protected privacy: These topics dominate the current discourse around data-driven marketing. They also contribute to it becoming more and more difficult for companies to correctly measure and interpret their marketing measures.


photo dorian kind and tobias zehnder

Dorian Kind (Director Data & Technologies) and Tobias Zehnder (Partner and Co-Founder) (from left) focus on the combination of artificial and human intelligence.

AI-Powered Analytics – Webrepublic's tools

To meet this challenge, Webrepublic relies on the latest developments in machine learning: The AI-Powered Analytics tools created in-house enable automated, cross-platform, independent, and scalable data evaluation. "Our self-learning models make it possible to increase the success of campaigns with statistically relevant insights, even when conventional measurement methods reach their limits," says Dorian Kind, Director Data & Technologies at Webrepublic.

Interpreting the high-quality data remains with the marketing specialists of the Zurich agency: "Our motto is: analyzed by AI, interpreted by humans. Instead of perceiving artificial intelligence as competition, we see it as a tool that helps us achieve the best for our clients," says Tobias Zehnder, partner and co-founder of Webrepublic.

 mood image robot and human with text

Webrepublic's tools use state-of-the-art AI technologies in various areas of campaign evaluation and optimization:

  • Analyze the impact of business decisions or other external influences on campaign performance
  • Optimally allocate budget across all channels to achieve the best return on investment
  • Create detailed user profiles based on analysis of first-party data sources to achieve audience-specific, personalized targeting throughout the sales funnel
  • Gain insights into campaign performance and effectiveness using geospatial data