In February 2011, Webrepublic opened its headquarters on the site of Zurich’s historic Tiefenbrunnen mill. Our Lausanne offices opened in 2015. If you would like to look inside our Zurich offices, take our virtual tour or click through the picture gallery.

Virtual Tour

The old mill was built more than 120 years ago in the typical Belle Époque style, and was originally used as a brewery. It was not until 1913 that the main building was repurposed into the mill. Although the mill now operates solely as part of the museum, it has kept its name. Today, the Tiefenbrunnen mill is an urban, vibrant place and center for various activities and competencies. Along with a theater, restaurant, café and fitness studio, the mill is home to various workshops, businesses and offices, with more than 150 employees. Proximity to the city center and Lake Zurich, and good accessibility by train, tram and bus make the mill the perfect location and workplace.


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