Horizont Swiss Digital Talk

09-30-2021 - 09-30-2021
The end of 3rd party cookies is postponed? What happens now?

Advertisers are facing one of the biggest challenges since advertising tracking became possible. The "end" of third-party cookies has far-reaching consequences for advertising effectiveness. Advertisers are on the lookout for workable successor solutions, because third-party cookies play an important role for many advertisers. What happens now?

  • What role have third party cookies played so far?
  • What does the discontinuation of cookies mean for advertisers?
  • What role do login alliances play?
  • What alternatives are used?
  • Which alternatives are already working pretty well?
  • Do advertisers see new collaboration models on the horizon?
  • What is the impact on budgets?

In just 90 minutes, you'll get new inputs for your marketing strategy, with experts giving you exclusive insights and highlighting their successful campaigns.