More than 200 marketing and technology experts from 12 countries in our offices in Zurich and Lausanne are devoted to helping you find success.

We are Webrepublic

Team spirit, innovation, quality, and long-term partnerships. Since 2009, we have been writing success stories together with our clients, enabling them to tap into the full potential of their online channels and develop further in the digital environment together.

Our manifesto

  • Creativity meets data - We combine an analytical approach with creative concepts to test new ideas, verify proven practices and optimize successful ones.
  • It is possible - Exacting demands spur us on. We're realistic optimists and make the impossible possible with new ideas.
  • We love long-term partnerships - We believe in sustainable success, mutual trust and long-term partnerships, which is why we are always completely transparent with both our customers and our staff.
  • Team is everything - At Webrepublic, individual talent, expertise and passion coalesce with a team spirit that is the basis for shared success.
  • We think global - We unite twelve languages under one roof, enabling us to serve all the important markets in Europe, North America and Asia from the heart of Europe.
  • We go the extra mile - Magic happens when you go further than what is expected. Your success is our passion and we go the extra mile for you every day.

We cover the full digital performance stack

Our clients’ success